clean and healthy air and unique air-purifying trees

The Viridi Air Partnership: participate in our socially responsible, green and sustainable filter projects

Incl. Viridi Clean Air-certificate©, promotion/marketing exposure and increase awareness of clean air in society

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What Viridi Air can do for your business?

With the Viridi Air Partnership, you support our drive for more clean air and contribute to clean outdoor air in a socially responsible, green and sustainable way. Viridi Air filters the outside air by planting specific trees in unique air-purifying rows (no forest areas) against fine dust, VOC’s, CO2, ammonia and ozone (scientifically proven filter technology – WUR). 

We only do this for companies that can demonstrate that their product, service or company policy contributes to clean indoor air or fewer emissions. Also included is Clean Air Recognition (Viridi Clean Air-certificate© & Viridi Clean Air-label) & Promotion/Marketing Exposure: to show society/customers/suppliers that you contribute positively to clean healthy air. At Viridi Air, we are convinced of the importance of clean indoor and outdoor air. For our health and the climate. To achieve this, Viridi Air regularly has discussions with government, scientist, industry associations and lobby groups with the goal to increase investments and initiate clear regulations for clean in- and outdoor air. We also work with the Clean Air Blogger & Vlogger to increase awareness of clean air in society.


What is included annually in the Viridi Air Partnership*?

The Viridi Air partnerships* differ in the number of trees to be planted and the type of marketing exposure/promotion:

Planting air-purifying trees in the unique Viridi Air outdoor filter projects against fine dust, CO2, NOx, VOs, ozone, ammonia

  • Companies decide the amount of air purifying trees to be planted
  • 100% green and sustainable
  • Scientifically proven filter technique – WUR
  • TIP: Why not let Viridi Air plant trees for every product or service you sell? You can even come and assist with your team to plant trees; great as a teambuilding outing!

    Clean Air Approval for contribution to clean indoor or outdoor air/emission reduction

    Marketing exposure & promotion

    • Promotion on social media about your company/reference and written by the Clean Air Blogger & Vlogger
    • Entry in partner list and company logo on
    • Personal company profile on - post unlimited articles, blogs and video
    • Participation online Viridi Air Network Club
    • Listed in the online products/services tool
    • Company profile on

    * Please note: Only companies who can demonstrate that their product, service or company policy contributes to clean indoor air or fewer emissions into the environment and who meet our admission criteria (assessed by Viridi Air) may become a Viridi Air Partner.

    Clean Air-label - (Partner of
    The Viridi Clean Air label

    Planting air-purifying trees in the unique Viridi Air outdoor filter projects against fine dust, CO2, NOx, VOs, ozone, ammonia

    How much does an air-purifying tree absorb on average per year?
    CO2 (22kg)
    Fine dust (1,5kg)
    Ozone (500g)
    NOx (200g)
    Ammonia (53% of emissions)

    Viridi Air plants unique air-purifying trees for each partner in rural areas (the Netherlands & Belgium). These are planted in narrow filter strips and full in the wind so that polluted gaseous and solid particles such as fine dust, NOx, ammonia, ozone and CO2 remain stuck or are absorbed (scientifically proven filter technique – WUR). This way we are doing more than just offsetting CO2. With this 100% green, sustainable filter technology, we create cleaner outside air and ultimately also clean inside air. After all, outside and inside air are connected and, influence each other. A beneficial side effect is an increase in biodiversity.

    Tip: Combine your business with planting air purifying trees. Plant one tree per project, product or service sold? Make an impact together with the customer

    Why become a Viridi Air Partner?

    Viridi Air distinguishes itself with air-purifying trees which are planted in a unique way so that trees do much more than absorb CO2 (also fine dust, ammonia, ozone, NOx) and contribute to biodiversity. Polluted indoor and outdoor air is a serious problem for our health and the climate. That is why Viridi Air engages directly and indirectly (e.g. by lobbying) with public authorities and industry to achieve better policies for clean air
    Companies who join the Viridi Air Partnership actively contribute to first of all to a better climate with clean air but also to sustainability and a greener environment. Companies should consider the Viridi Air Partnership for the following reasons:

    • A greener and more sustainable image
    • Independent recognition for the contribution to clean indoor air and/or reduced emissions
    • The Viridi Clean Air-certificate© and the Viridi Clean Air-label
    • Actively contributing to sustainability, greener and cleaner air
    • Improvement biodiversity
    • Unique, distinctive and future-oriented concept
    • Our support for better regulations and awareness