Ethical policy

To become a Viridi Air Partner and participate in planting air-purifying trees that remove fine dust, the company must contribute (demonstrably) to sustainability (in addition to its existing core business) or clean air. This ensures that we only cooperate with serious companies. Some examples that demonstrate that a company complies with our ethical policy:

  • by operating sustainably or selling sustainable products/services;
  • by contributing to clean indoor/outdoor air with products/services;

Our goal is to get everyone moving to contribute to sustainability, greening or clean air.

NOTE: Viridi Air is free not to accept a company as a Viridi Air Partner based on our ethics policy.

Viridi Air naturally provides (free) tips and advice for concrete actions to comply with our ethics policy. Some suggestions/examples are described above. Questions? Please contact our advisor Jan-Joris van de Riet, 06-44223630 or