About us

Viridi Air comes from Latin and means Green Air. Contributing to clean air in a green sustainable way by having Viridi Air plant unique trees that filter particulate matter from outdoor air.

It has been known for years that trees can filter CO2. That precisely certain tree species also filter pollution (fine dust, ozone, NO2) from the air is new. However, the following must be taken into account

  • The right selection of trees: only trees that we know (based on scientific research) purify outdoor air above average.
  • The planting method: in narrow strips and certainly not as a wooded area
  • The location: on fertile soil only and only in windy areas.

A lot of research has already been done on this filtering technique worldwide by various agricultural universities. An adult air-purifying tree filters about 1.5kg of fine dust, 22kg of CO2, 500g of ozone and 200g of NO2 (nitrogen). Actually, they are a kind of natural green filters.

Air-purifying trees are planted for companies that join through a Viridi Air partnership. Included within the partnership is also the Viridi Clean Air-certificate©, Viridi Clean Air-label and marketing exposure.

Clean air. Naturally for each other!