About us

Viridi Air was founded in late 2019. With the mission to encourage more companies to invest in clean air and emission reductions and increase awareness.
On behalf of our clients Viridi Air plants air-purifying rows of trees consisting of carefully selected species for optimal air purification performance. Our clients can decide themselves how many trees they want to plant to cleanse the environment, reduce climate change and improve society.

Our unique air-purifying rows of trees filter a lot of fine dust, ozone, NOx and ammonia from the air, in addition to absorbing CO2. The areas where we plant are carefully selected for having a lot of wind and large quantities of air pollution to be filtered. Less pollution outside also significantly reduces pollution inside.
Our method of planting is different from traditional woodland. Biodiversity, the planting of diverse trees is important for plants to thrive, grow big and live long.

Especially since 2020 an increasing number companies are joining Viridi Air because they consider clean air important for their employees, customers and society as a whole.

Only by taking concrete action together can we stand a chance to create clean and healthy air once more.

If everyone takes a small step for clean air, together we will make a big leap towards a healthy environment for all!